RAN Online: The Rise and Fall of The Vietnam and English Players (Guest Post)

Posted November 2, 2010 by Kuze
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RAN Online: The Rise and Fall of The Vietnam and English Players

By: Unknown Soldier Veteran of RAN


You are the one of few hopes, who can bring our new future.
You have to join the one of SFG institutes to find out the truth,
and to fight against the desperate reality…”

– The Prophecy of RAN ONLINE in a nutshell.

“The Prophecy of RAN Online is basically telling us that you must use everything in your arsenal, both legal and illegally, in order to survive this hellhole. Trust no one, dominate everything in your sight, build an elite group to conquer the world, and charge the poor by overpricing every single item with tax rate.”

– Unknown RAN Online Veteran.

[Editor’s note: Tax in RAN GS no longer works like it does in MY]

RAN Online, it’s been too long since I’ve played you back in my old days where I’ve learned about MMOs and MMORPGs. Like my friend, Kuze, I also have an on and off relationship with his broken and horrid grinding of a game. Nevertheless, it always calls me to come back and attempt much lulzworthy torment just for the PvP part of the game. I’ve tried to rebuild a bit of my reputation on the GS (Global Server) of Ran. Yet, in return, a lot of conflict and constant bulls**t of the community which dragged the server into nothing more than just an official server that seems disguised as a private server for those who’re unlucky on not having their own official server in their country. The GS Server was mainly for western countries. Yet, in return, the GS server also became available for the VN(Vietnamese) players who used to have their own official server, but got shut down because they constantly hacked and exploited the game too many times especially in the cash shop. This reminds me; let me tell you a story about how RanGS was first just a small server filled with both continents living in somewhat harmony, to the rise of overpopulated VNs and selfish “cult” clubs, the fall of both sides, and the aftermath of the result.

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My love/hate relationship with RAN Online

Posted September 19, 2010 by Kuze
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Ah, RAN Online, I’ve been playing you off and on since it came out in Malaysia. Ah yes, the glory years of V1, gender locked classes, a level cap of 190. Ah, how I loved you. I was around for e-games Malaysia. I hit lv18x before the e-games MY server shut down.

Then Gonzo Rosso took over RAN Online in Malaysia. I couldn’t transfer my character at first, so I wasn’t really keen at first at starting over. But I did, but quickly put it back down again due to school. Until the Developer (MIN Communications, hereby referred to as MINCOM) released RAN Global Service in the summer of 2009.

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Posted July 27, 2010 by Kuze
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Dear Signiff; Pls get your head out of the GM’s ass, you’re outclassing Shevene in asskissery. Ok? Thaaaaanks.

Will delete this when I have something more substantial to post

The Shitstains on the PangYa community(Session 1)

Posted June 6, 2010 by Kuze
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Well, I suddenly feel the need to start talking about certain people in the community. This time, our resident Brazilian crybaby, Shevene (forum ID Shakira). He’s a well noted GM dick rider, known for harassing users for the simplest of reasons, and in general a crybaby.

Now, the ass kissing,  I can’t explain when it started, but it became apperant to me during the EV tourney. Tiramiss let him into her EV tourney room before the rooms were supposed to open. I suspect this is because of his Portuguese translation of the tourney’s info and rules. It also seems that he gets new Lucia rares every few weeks, not sayin’ that Tiramiss is doing something she shouldn’t be, but it is suspicious.

Harassment?  How about this. (Image courtesy of DarkstarIV ) Threatening to get someone banned for saying something about you on twitter, smoooooth. Also a crybaby for threatening to run to Tiramiss when someone saying something negative about you.

Before you message me Shevene, here’s my answer to your proposed message:

I don’t give a shit Shevene. Report me to Tiramiss if you feel so inclined. I know they can’t touch me for what I say here.


FidelCastro80, seriously all you’ve done since the Team tourney was thread shit.  You quit, good for you, want a fucking cookie?

What’s pissing Kuze off today when it comes to PangYa?

Posted June 3, 2010 by Kuze
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Well this is an interesting position to be in, a position I wouldn’t  have thought I would be in back in Season 2. But the needy fuckers on the forums keep trying my patience, so let’s begin.

As I noted in my last entry, people have their tights in a twist over a color change being removed. Question is, how many of them actually used it? Better question is how many of them used it more than once. Personally I’ve only used color change twice, Once for Cecilia’s Nurse outfit and once for Kooh’s Fantasy outfit. Using color change more than once on an outfit is mostly a waste of materials. And they’re winging about this issue when there are WAY more important issues to be concerned about, namely the messenger bug, missing major content (like the thing they’ve been crying for for the last year GUILDS), and a hacking problem that is way out of control. I understood why you guys were complaining about guilds not being implemented, I didn’t give a shit either way, but I understood.

Now on the topic of the community, This community is so far in the shitter it’s not even funny. Most of the notable people on the forums are needy self centered jackasses, the ones who I’m not referring to in this manner know they are. You bitch and moan about bullshit, especially when you don’t get your way. This is never more obvious then when it comes to the fucking useless Sciencey threads. The sciencey threads are the BIGGEST waste of time, but people still make them. You may ask “Why is this?”. It’s to show that they’re butthurt over not getting the rare they want in 5 coins. Well Boo fucking Hoo. get the fuck over yourselves.

I’m going to cut this off here before it gets even more incoherent.

Post deleted from the “Kooh Magical Girl Color change removal” thread

Posted June 3, 2010 by Kuze
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Listen people, NTREEV USA is NOT any of the following:
-Ntreev Korea / Gametree
-Mysquare Thailand

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way. Ntreev USA can do this however they feel like, they just so happen to want to extend the scratchy pool. Honestly I don’t care, because it’s Kooh, It’s one Kooh set. And there are bigger things to rage about.

People seem to forget that we’re not NTreev Korea, and if we we’re we wouldn’t have ANY of the scratchy rares we’ve been getting. AT ALL. Just be happy you get a second chance to get a rare you missed back on A18.

Also to the majority of the people in this thread:

Don’t like it, uninstall it.
That is all, Good Night.